Our talented staff will work with you to find a style that enhances your facial shape/structure. By asking questions about which products you’re familiar with, we can help you choose a style that will optimize your everyday styling routine.

We have stylists available who specialize in various hair types such as fine, curly, straight or course hair.

Cutting fees reflect the experience of our stylists, however, all prices may vary based on length, texture, design and time. All stylists may charge a lesser fee for work that requires less time, just as the & up charge may apply for designs requiring more time such as curly blow outs, or longer hair.

The allotted time for consultations is 15 minutes.
A 30 minute block of time is standard for a cut, however some clients may fall under a 45 minute block.
  • Women’s Cuts

    Junior Stylist

    $45 & up

    Advanced Stylist

    $60 & up
  • Men’s Cuts

    Junior Stylist

    $25 & up

    Advanced Stylist

    $30 & up
  • Teenagers ages 13 & up

    Male cuts


    Female Cuts

  • Children 12 & under

    Prices with consultation