Hair Care

Our talented staff will work with you to find a style that enhances your facial shape/structure. By asking questions about which products you’re familiar with, we can help you choose a style that will optimize your everyday styling routine.
We have color specialists on staff- as well as advanced stylists for precision cuts.
Hair services include Cutting, Dimensional color, Japanese relaxing, Keratin therapy, Treatments, Perms, Coloring services such as, Highlights, Lowlights, Ombre’, Balayage, Formal styling and more.


I invite you to visit my Salon & Spa and enjoy one or more of the many services we offer. We pledge to provide you exceptional service.
I believe many things factor into providing excellent service. Knowledge and experience are just one part. Communication is a very important key in providing the client results that they love. We do our best to understand you and explain what each choice or style may incorporate. We do our best to run on time and give you the time you need without rushing you through your service. In order to do that, scheduling appointments is very important. Making sure we have sufficient time blocked out for your needs must be factored in.

At times we may run late due to a client coming in late, or a procedure may have needed more time with the client before you. Please be patient.

Understand that continually canceling or changing appointments may result in not having enough time to complete your job, or may create a longer wait time to re- book a new appointment. We do get very busy and sometimes there can be a wait for an appointment if you should choose one of our advanced stylists.

Lastly, it is also important that new clients who receive color could see immediate results that are perfect, or a few visits may be necessary to perfect your results. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to products. Whenever starting with a new stylist, it is really important to understand color is a science and perfect results can be achieved, but we always need a starting point. Communication is the key- and sometimes a consumer’s description of what they want – may not be what they want at all.

Although we aim for excellent customer service every time, my salon is run by human being’s which means at times there can be human error. An appointment mistake or a miscommunication. Any business can have an employee that makes a mistake, however, I feel it’s what we do about it- how we fix it. If at anytime you are unsatisfied, or you have any concern we will listen and try to do our best to fix it. Please be sure to tell us so we can.

Just know we are dedicated to making every service a perfect one. With all the worries there are in the world we live in today, the last one should be your hair!


HAIRDRYER    15 min.

$ 15

COLORING    110 min.

$ 60


$ 25

BEARD TRIM    40 min.

$ 30

BEARD TRIM    40 min.

$ 30

BEARD TRIM    40 min.

$ 30

Total: $160